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The Grith Fyrd Pioneers (DerwentWISE Project)

This project was a response to Derbyshire’s DerwentWISE charity brief, which focused on providing recognition to a historical group called the Grith Fyrd Pioneers that were based in the Derbyshire area during the 1930’s. With the group promoting environmental and ecological values to its member’s lifestyles, by living off the land, the stop motion film reflects on the relationship and the interactions young adults have with nature today. The stop motions natural jerk is utilised to highlight humanities continual disconnection with the landscape today and the effects that has on us mentally and physically. Whilst the familiar urban noises reflect a juxtaposition between humanity and nature, with nature being drowned out, and the noise now becoming inescapable and almost engrained into our psyche. 

Birches Valley - Cannock Chase Forest

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