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Breaking Glass

‘The Glass Ceiling’, a term referring to the invisible barriers to career success that many women experience is as relevant today as it was in 1978, when it was first coined by Marilyn Loden. Some workplaces remain institutionally patriarchal, a factor which discourages women from entering, whereas others have sought to improve the gender-balance.


Historically in the Film and Television industry male leads have been the norm, but more recently the industry has bucked the trend and begun to feature strong female leading actors.


This project comes from a male perspective with no personal experience of the exclusion that women face. The only insights have been informed by the experiences that the media and film industry broadcast. The work builds upon gender-inclusivity, through cinematic Movie Posters that subverts the expectations of women in stereotypically male roles. 


These images are also both digitally and culturally constructed. Subject and location have been captured separately and composited using Photoshop with a rigorous consistency to lighting and composition, the addition of a cinematic blue toning to the stylisation subtly infers the male presence. 

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